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Welcome to Kyoto, Japan!

We welcome international clients and offer authentic, traditional Japanese pre-wedding shoot in Kyoto.


= Shooting Course =

■■ Japanese kimono plan ■■

*Facility fees and transportation (taxi fare) will be charged separately.

*A holiday fee of JPY 22,000- and an early morning fee of JPY 5,500- will be charged depending on the shooting schedule.

■■ Engagement photo plan ■■

JPY 55,000/hour. (tax included)

Included: 80 cuts of corrected data.

Accompanied by one proessional photographer and an attendant who can interpret.

JPY 11,000/An extra hour(including traveling time)

*Taxi fare will be charged if you'd like to shoot at multiple places.

☆ Our Features ☆ 
☆ A skilled photographer with more than 15 years of kimono shooting experience offering professional Japanese photography.
We are confident that we can offer you the most amazing photographic experience in Kyoto.

☆ Shooting available in traditional landscapes and temples unique to Kyoto.

☆High-quality, authentic Japanese clothing.
A choice of 75 kimonos at no extra cost.

 ☆ Recommended option ☆ 
Japanese hair (traditional bridal style) 日本传统婚礼发型
JPY 38,500-
*Long hair is required.

It is also possible to shoot in Western clothing.
Please feel free to contact us.

■ 注意 ■

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Shooting Costume:戏服:服装
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